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You want it all—the highest quality, the greatest efficiency and the best impressions for your attendees. Par Avion has invested in the industry’s leading technologies to meet your demands.

As a result, we deliver:

  • A fully integrated, one-stop registration, housing and travel interface.
  • Drastically reduced or in some cases, eliminated attrition liability.
  • Maximum flexibility in making reservations.
  • Increased room block pick-up.
  • Significant savings in air travel.
  • Happy, complaint-free attendees whose smooth registration, travel and housing experience. has made them especially receptive to your event.

To help us push the technology envelope, we have:

Passkey: It’s the industry’s premiere, Internet-based housing management technology, but for your convention participants, it’s…

  • Convenience. Passkey provides the ability to book, change and cancel hotel rooms over the phone (traditional voice or Smart phone), via fax or online through a highly customized, event-specific reservation website. And if English isn’t the language of choice for your attendees, no problem. We can interface with them in multiple languages.

And for you, Passkey provides…

  • Efficiency. Cumbersome manual processes are eliminated and actions like reservation acknowledgements are automated.
  • Transparency. Event organizers can access critical information and reports 24/7 and share real-time data with contributing parties.
  • Cost-savings. The automation of the housing process will boost room block pick-up and decrease attrition fees.
  • Expert sub-block management. We worry about this so you don’t have to.

RegLink: This technology integrates Passkey seamlessly with yours or another company’s registration system and, for your attendees, creates…

  • Expedience. Because RegLink forms a data bridge between systems, attendees can sign up for the convention, book their airfare and make hotel arrangements at the same time. One stop. One shop.

And for you, RegLink offers…

  • Knowledge. Customized reports furnish you with key information to make crucial business decisions.
  • Goodwill. Thanks to this flawlessly executed registration and housing system, you look good.
  • Peace of mind. Along with Passkey, RegLink technology has been rated “Best of Breed” in the meetings and conventions industry.

Best Buy Quote and Air Shopping: The industry’s two dominant CSRs bring your travelers…

  • The lowest possible fares. Every request automatically generates lower price options, including alternative airlines, times, days and classes of service to present to your attendees.
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“We have been happy and satisfied clients of Par Avion since we first acquired the Abilities Expo portfolio of events in 2008. They have been outstanding partners for which we are grateful. They are competent, resourceful and on time with everything they do with and for our company, our exhibitors and our visitors. We appreciate their superior customer service and we look forward to continuing the relationship!”

David Korse
5Net4 Productions


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