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No AttritionYou’ve seen it before—attrition fees insidiously sneaking up and pilfering the profit right out of your margin. Not to mention the strain it puts on your vendor relations, or the cramp in your future-earning style.

With Par Avion’s attrition management techniques in your arsenal, this lurking enemy of event success won’t stand a chance. From the initial contract which includes risk-reduction clauses that protect you from liability, we have attrition in our sites. Our tactical examination of your group’s history and booking trends allows us to approach room block development strategically and accurately.

By implementing our Passkey-enabled housing system, we can manipulate and steer reservations in an effort to increase your room block pick-up. Par Avion will also ensure that you are credited for any rooms booked outside your block.

In addition to this frontal assault, we will flank attrition with frequent room block audits and telemarketing campaigns designed to remind convention goers of impending housing deadlines. The immediate result: You and Par Avion – 1; Attrition – 0. The long-term outcome: you will strengthen your event substantially to make it more desirable to convention cities.

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“Par Avion’s customer service and attention to detail are second to none. Our room block pickup continues to grow each year which I attribute to Business Journals involvement with Par Avion. They have made a number of suggestions in order to drive the blocks, which have proven to be extremely positive.”

Sharon Lalloway
Director of Operations
Business Journals, Inc.


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